Kids Church this Week: Jesus Changes the Way You See People


  1. Why do you think it’s hard to accept or love those who are different from us?
  2. How does it make your life better if you show love to someone who is different from you or that you wouldn’t normally show love to? How does it make their life better?
  3. Looking back on this past week, did you act like you really believe God made everyone in His own image and loves each of us the same? What’s one way you could live that out better this next week?
    • (Give kids a moment to reflect quietly on this past week and answer this first question “rhetorically.” Then let them answer the second question out loud.)


You will need: Scrap Paper

  • Pair up.
  • Give everyone a sheet of paper.
  • Invite one partner to begin slowly tearing his paper into an intricate shape without saying what it is.
    • It can be a random design or a specific shape, such as the outline of a house or the state of Tasmania
  • Tell the other partner to begin tearing at the same time and try to follow along to create the exact shape.
  • Trade roles and play again with another sheet of paper and a different partner.
  • What You Say:
    “It’s interesting how your paper and your partner’s paper turned out so differently. Same kind of paper. Same plan. Different results. It reminds me of the way God made people. He creates us in His image, and we’re made of the same stuff. We have muscles, hair, bones, guts, brains, but each person is also different from another. That’s the wonderful way God made us. Same, but different. As wonderful and amazing as it is, sometimes we as people find that difficult to work with. We need to remember to see others how God sees them."


You will need: Bible; sheet; ball

What We Do Not See

  • Give kids the Bible and lead them to look up Hebrews 11:1
  • Unpack the concept that “being certain of what we do not see” not only means that we trust that God has a special plan for us, but also that we can trust God with every part of our lives, even the parts that we don’t understand.
  • Spread out the sheet and lead kids to space themselves evenly around it then sit down.
  • Guide kids to grab the edges of the sheet and pull it taut.
  • Toss a ball onto the parachute.
  • Lead kids to flutter, wave, and wiggle the parachute without allowing the ball to fall off.
  • As they wiggle, lead them to say the verse in unison.
  • Challenge kids to keep the ball on the parachute until they complete the

    • Change it up by saying the verse in different ways (fast/slow; loud/soft; boys vs. girls)
    • Add challenge by tossing additional balls/hop on one foot with the sheet in hand, etc.
  • What You Say:
    “When God told Peter to do something that seemed confusing at first, Peter
    trusted God and did what He told him to do. Peter had faith in God, and when
    he obeyed God, he understood that God’s plan was bigger than he could have
    imagined. He understood that the story of Jesus is for EVERYONE!"



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