Kids Church this Week: Habit of Gratitude


  1. What are some things you can do when you don’t feel like celebrating what God has done?
  2.  Why do you think there are times we don’t show gratitude to those who help us, especially those people who help us all of the time?
  3. If we can’t think of a way to show gratitude, we can think how we would like to be treated. What are some of those ways and how can you use those
    ideas to thank someone else?
  4.  What are some ways we can show God we remember how He has helped us?


What You Need: Paper plates, Large container, markers, line of tape

What you do:

  • Place the container against a wall.
  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Assign each team a color according to the markers you have.
  • Give each kid a paper plate and a marker that corresponds to their team color.
  •  Ask them to write “Get in the Habit of Being Grateful” on their plate.
  • With the masking tape, create a throw line about 15 feet from the container and instruct kids stand behind the line.
  • Explain the rules:
    •  You will read a review question.
    • The kids then try to frisbee-toss their plate into the container.
    • Any kid who thinks they know the answer can try to toss their plate into the container.
    • The first team to throw a plate into the container gets to answer the question. If the team answers correctly, award them a point.
    • The team with the most points, wins!
  • Depending on the plates and the groups’ skill level, be prepared to adjust the distance of the throw line to the container.
  • You can allow teams the opportunity to expand on their answers to the questions and earn more points.
  • Play the game. Here are the questions:
    • What happened during the first Passover?
      (God saved His people from the last plague in Egypt by passing over the houses of the people who
      had lamb’s blood painted on their doorposts.)
    • Why did people continue to celebrate Passover?
      (to remember that God rescued them from slavery)
    • What are some of the things that were a part of the Passover celebration?
      (People ate a big feast with lamb and flat bread) Depending on the
      answer, you can ask follow up questions. For example: Why did they eat flat bread? Why did they eat lamb?
    • Who celebrates communion/the Lord’s Supper?
      (people who follow Jesus) A good follow-up question is: What makes someone a Jesus follower?
      (someone who believes Jesus is their Savior and chooses to follow Him)
    • Why do followers of Jesus celebrate communion/the Lord’s Supper?
      (to remember Jesus rescued us)
    •  What’s one of our Bottom Lines from this month?
      (You always have something to be grateful for. Celebrate what God has done. Say thank you. Adjust your attitude. Get in the habit of being grateful.)
    • Recite this month’s memory verse.
    • (Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever, Psalm 136:1, NIrV.)


You will need: paper plates

What you do:

  • Form a circle then give each kid a paper plate to stand on.
  • Tell kids to listen as you read a statement then move to another plate if the statement is true of them.
    •  As they move, several kids may need to stand together on the same plate.
    • If a kid is already where another kid needs to relocate, they can put their foot on top of the first foot.
    •  If several kids are stacked up and one needs to move, the kids whose feet are on top of his foot (but not beneath it) move as well.
  • Statements
    • Move to the left if you said THANK YOU to someone today.
    • Move to the right if can remember what you were given for your birthday last year.
    •  Move two plates to the right if you did something for someone today and they thanked you for it.
    • Move to the left if you thanked God today for sending Jesus.
    • Move two plates to the left if you know how to say THANK YOU in another language.
    • Move to the right if you can think of something you’re grateful forright now.
    • Move to the right if you are always thankful.
    • Move two plates to the right if you sometimes forget to say thanks.
    •  Move to the left if you thanked God the last time you ate a meal.
    •  Move three plates to the left if you thanked Jesus in the last 24 hours for His death on the cross for you.
    • Move to the left if you are thankful for school.
    • Move to the right if you thanked God for helping you with something school this week.
    •  Move two plates to the right if you feel you are a grateful person.
  •  Before you end the game, tell kids they must share something they are grateful for today before they can step off of the plates.



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