We are a relatively large church: Though we did not set out to be large, God has increased our numbers as we have sought to be faithful to Him. For many years it has been the vision of the church to have an influence in the community in which we live.

We are a contemporary church: The word ‘contemporary' simply means that we seek to be relevant to our culture. We believe that the church should communicate and relate in a way that can be understood and entered into by the people of our world. We should be Christians 'in the world' but not 'of the world'. In our desire to communicate and relate in a way that can be understood by the people of our world, we will not compromise the Gospel. We will not downplay the centrality or the uniqueness of the Gospel in order to be attractive. While we seek to be culturally appropriate, it is secondary to the unchanging message of sin and salvation through Christ.

We are a socially aware church: We are a church that is acutely aware of the social issues that afflict our town and create enormous pain, disadvantage and family breakdown upon our indigenous brothers and sisters and broader population, particularly the young. As a living witness to our church and town community the Alice Springs Baptist Church has determined that alcohol will not be a part of our church culture. Alcohol is not a part of any functions or activities conducted in the name of the Alice Springs Baptist Church or on its property. Our leaders are encouraged to be strong witnesses to our youth and vulnerable members of our congregation by refraining from drinking at public functions or at events that mix church attenders with the secular community. (Romans 14:13–23)

We are a charismatic church: Charismatic in the sense that we fully expect God to equip and empower us, by the Holy Spirit, as we go about the work of Christian service/ministry – reaching people for Christ and making disciples.

We are a diverse church: People join with us from many different church traditions and different cultures. In our diversity we grow to understand more of what it means to really be ‘church’.

We are an isolated church: While we exist within the Alice Springs community we are far from our wider Baptist Church family, and most of us find ourselves far from our own extended families. In our isolation there is opportunity for us to grow and to know the church as family.