We are a comparatively young church with a number of children under 12 years of age. Our Kids Ministry programs cater for around 60 children on Sunday mornings. In addition, the largest portion of our adult congregation is in the age group of 20–50 with a small number of long term resident retirees.

Attendance and Membership

Alice Springs Baptist Church ministers to a congregation of between 230 and 350 people. Sunday morning worship services vary between the averages of 180 attendees to 250. Evening services attract another 50 to 100, with the vast majority not being morning attendees.

In a town with a huge turn over of population (roughly 40% every 2-3 years), the church ministers to a wide compilation of attendees, many of whom do not have a Baptist background. Church membership sits at a relatively constant 90 and new memberships roughly equate to the number that leave town each year.