Sunday Morning Services: Resumed (restrictions in place)
Sunday Evening  Services: Resumed (restrictions in place)
Kids Church: Now Online - Parents Portal
Mainly Music: Resumed (restrictions in place)
EPIC Youth: Resumed (restrictions in place)
TTL: Suspended (pending Kids Church resume)
Shockwave: Resumed (restrictions in place)
Armchair Exercises: Resumed (restrictions in place)
KYB: Resumed (restrictions in place)


The following is our church response plan as we enter into unknown territory concerning the COVID-19 outbreak. While we need to continue to pray for those who are currently sick, for the cessation of this virus, for frontline healthcare professionals, and researchers to find a cure, we want to be sensible and prudent in how we manage this situation. We know that ultimately our God is good and in control, and in sickness and death those who know Christ have nothing to fear.

Please note that this is a living document that will continue to be updated as new information arises.
At ASBC we currently consider ourselves to be in Level 2 circumstances, however many of our Level 3 and 4 responses have been implemented as a result of federal government directives.

Let us be mindful that many in our community are anxious and afraid and this is a great opportunity for Christians to be salt and light, beacons of hope and peace in uncertain times. Let us also continue to look out for others, particularly the vulnerable, while walking in peace and modelling love and service to the wider community.


Health Messages in Aboriginal Languages Regarding COVID-19:

Community Advice for Remote Communities:

Australian National Health Website for Latest COVID-19 Updates:

Editable (PowerPoint) Version of Church Response Plan - for use in other churches:
COVID-19- Church Response Plan 1.1

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