These Covid-19 messages are based upon the the simplified English work of Professor Anna Wierzbicka of the Australian National University.  The messages of information and encouragement have been recorded into several Aboriginal languages with a view to helping Aboriginal people understand and better deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Angkety nhenh corona virus-penh, Ntwa atyernpel awetyeh. mantyel nhenheh iterremel alhengk-aretyeh.
  2. Arreny arrpenh anem corona virus nhenhek, COVID-19.
  3. Nwern kwenh mwerr nheng alartetyart mer imangk, lyeteng-ntyel nheng little bit anety-lkwer anehantherr.
  4. Corona virus nhenhel kwenh tyerrty ingkerreny world nhenhel-ayeng irlkert mparem. Irlkert mparemarleng, tyerrty ilwern-ilwern-antim.
  5. Irlkert nhenh aperretyeh, nwern kwenh merel anetyeh, not nheng nthwerl-apetyeh mer-mer arrpenh-warn apek.
  6. Mer arlaltyel anetyeh.
  7. Ntwa apek mer ngkwengenheng alhem mer arrpenh map-warn, arrpenh-warn, ntwa nheng manty iterreman anetyeh: Ntwa kwenh ntwarr-ntwarr irnetyeh. Tyerrty arrpenh alenh-ketyarl.
  8. Ntwang ntwarr-lkwer anetyeh, ntwang menty impetyeh, not anpel-anpelh-iletyeh tyerrty arrpenh alenh.
  9. Ntwa apek iteny-irremarleng tyerrty arrpenh-warn, tyerrty yanh apek irlkert anehetyeng. And ntwang nheng ywarnemeh iterremarleng. Kel ntwang mwerr-lkwer anem ntwarr-lkwer.
  10. Ina apek ngkweng-warn ahey-angkem, angwenh-akey mirnt-akert apek.
  11. Lakenheng ntwa alenh menty impetyeh.
  1. Angkety nhenh kwenh corona virus-penh.
  2. Ntwa mantyel awetyeh, an ntwa nheng manty iterretyeh, arnang nhenh-penh.
  3. Arraty kwenh nwern mwerr alartetyart, lyeteng-ntyel kwenh anety-lkweremeh anehantherran.
  4. Tyerrty-ntyerr ina irlkert-irrem.
  5. Nwern tyerrty lakenharl manty-manty-ilem.
  6. Nwern lakenh mparem.
  7. Lyeteng-ntyel nwern kalty-irrem, nthakenh-nthakenh nwern arntarnt-ar-iletyenh.
  1. Angkety nhenh corona virus-penh, ntwa atyernpel awetyeh, an iterretyeh mantyel.
  2. Mer imangk nheng mwerr anetyart. Lyeteng-ntyel anetj-lkwer anehantherr anem.
  3. Mer imank anantherran apwert alartetyart. Lyeteng-ntyel ywarnemeh anantherr lakenh mparem.
  4. Nwern ywarnemeh angatham-angath angkerrem.
  5. Corona virus nhenh ntywem-iletyeh, nwern ntwarr-ilem,
  6. But nwern nheng …  tyerrty arrpenh alenh alhengk-arem, mwerr apek anemarleng,  ntwarreng-ntyel nwernan angkerremarleng.
  7. Lakenh mparem.
  8. Nwern apek letter apek tanthetyeh.
  9. Email apek yarnetyeh.
  10. Or nwern apek phone-el-ayeng angkerretyeh.
  11. Lakenh mparemarleng nwern kwenh nhenh corona virus nhenh ntywem-ilem.
  1. Corona virus nhenhel kwenh tyerrty ingkerreny mirnt-ilem, lyeteng-ntyel.
  2. Arrwekelan kwer iteth anantherr-henh mwerr anek, lyeteng-lkweremeh anety-lkwer.
  3. Nhenheng-ntyel kwenh ntwa nheng kwewarleny arntarnt-arelhetyeh.
  4. Mwerr ntwa anetyeh, ntwa nheng kwerrern ngkwengenhel-ayeng lepwel anetyeh.
  5. Ntwa apek pwek-pwek read-em-iletyeh.
  6. Ntwa apek music apek ntwa awetyeh.
  7. Ntwa apek story apek intelh-iletyeh, nthakenh-nthakenh ntwang mparemarleng.
  8. Yeng apek Altyerr-warn angkemarleng, yeng apek kwet-antim Altyerr-warn angketyeh, kwetam kwet.
  9. Yeng apek Altyerr-warn angketyeh kalty-kweny, lakenheng yeng kalty-irretyenhemeh.
  10. Yeng iterrem, lakenh mwerr mparetyeh.
  1. Lyeteng-ntyel Corona virus nhenhel kwenh tyerrty ingkerreny irlkert-ilem.
  2. Nwern kwenh iterretyeh lakenh.
  3. Mer imangk nwern mwerr anetyart. Lyeteng-ntyel anety-lkweremeh.
  4. Nwern kwenh mwerr iterretyeh, nwern lakenh iterretyeh: Arraty kwenh ingkerreny anety-anetyemeh lyeteng-ntyel anem.
  5. Nwern mwerr-arteh lakenh anetyeh, lakenh iterremarl.
  6. Nwern mwerr iterremel anetyeh: Anantherr tyerrty arrpwek arrken (?)  apek mwerr anetyeh, nhenh anety-rlwer.
  7. Anantherr pelty-pelty tyerrty arrpenh-warn anetyeh.
  8. Yeng nyerrkenty-akert anem tyerrty arrpenheh.
  9. Lakenh yeng ahenty-irrem lakenh mparetyeh.
  1. Corona virus nhenhel kwenh tyerrty ingkerreny irlkert-ilem.
  2. Lakenh anantherr iterretyeh: Mer imangk mwerr anetyart, lyeteng-ntyel anety-lkweremeh anantherreh anem.
  3. Anantherr yarnemeh alartem mer imangk-arteh.
  4. Lakenh anantherr iterretyeh: Wenhekam yeng nhenh ahelh nhenhel anem?
  5. Wenheham yeng iteth anem?
  6. Nthakenhameh atha mparetyenh, nheng mwerr anetyeh nheng iteth nhenhel-ayengan?
  7. Tha alhengk-arem, yeng ilwetyenh. Ilwetyeh-anngernt tha kwenh lakenh-lakenh mparetyenh, mwerr-lkwer. Ilwetyenh-antey.
  8. Yeng iterretyenh, yeng angketyenh lakenh-lakenh mparetyeh.
  9. Nwern nheng iterretyeh, ngwenpan mwerr-irretyenh.
  10. Lyeteng-ntyel-kenh anetyarl anem.
  11. Mwerr-lkwer nheng anetyeh, anantherr kwenh lyeteng-ntyel kalty-irretyeh.
  12. Mwerr-lkwer anetyeh, anantherr iterremarl aretyeh nthakenh mwerr-lkwer anantherreh anetyenh.
  13. Lakenh yengan ahenty mparetyehan.
  1. Corona virus nhenhel kwenh irlkert-ilem tyerrty ingkerreny.
  2. Anantherr kwenh iterretyeh lakenh mparetyeh: Lyeteng-ntyel anety-lkwer anem, anantherr mwerr-irretyenh.
  3. Lyeteng-ntyel anantherr iterretyeh, yarnemeh kwenh anantherr alartem ngkwey-arteh.
  4. Lyeteng-ntyel anantherr tyay arrpenhemeh lwaketyeh.
  5. Anantherr nheng iterretyeh, lakenhemeh.
  6. Anantherr yarn nheng ankerteng-ankert anem, anantherr nyent-irremel alartetyenh, mpank-lkwer.
  7. Nthakenh anantherr pelty-pelty alartetyenh?
  8. Arltang lyetan anetyemeh. Nhenheng-ntyel nwern mwerr-irretyenh.
  9. Nhenheng-ntyel nwern tyay arrpenhemeh lwaketyeh, mwerr anetyeh.
  10. Lakenh yengan ahenty anthwerr.

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Essential Message #1

  1. This word is about the corona virus.
  2. You(sg) should listen carefully. Carefully think about this and apply.
  3. Another name for this corona virus is COVID-19.
  4. We sure used to live good at home before, but lately it’s a bit bad for us.
  5. This corona virus has sure made people sick all over the world. And the sick are dying as well.
  6. To stop this sickness, we should stay at home, not go walkabout round other communities. Stay at our own homes.
  7. If you (sg) leave your home, to go to other places, or another home, think carefully about this:
  8. You should stand a bit distant, from another person.
  9. You should stand a bit distant, leave it don’t touch that other person.
  10. You might get closer to the other person, who might be sick. You don’t know about him. So it’s better that you are a bit apart.
  11. They might breathe on you, maybe with that what’s its name sickness. That’s why you should leave it.

Essential Message #2

  1. This word is about corona virus.
  2. You should listen carefully, and think carefully about this thing.
  3. It’s really true that we used to live a good way, but lately it’s been not good for us.
  4. Lots of people are getting sick.
  5. We care for those people.
  6. We do like this.
  7. From now on we learn, how we can look after (others).

Essential Message #3

  1. This message is about corona virus, listen carefully, and think carefully.
  2. (We) used to live a good way before at home. Lately is has been somewhat bad for us.
  3. We used to live together before. Lately we haven’t been able to do like that anymore.
  4. We can’t talk to each other close up.
  5. To push back this corona virus, we distance ourselves.
  6. But we know other people, aybe they are OK/healthy, when we are talking to each other from a distance.
  7. Do like this.
  8. We might write a letter.
  9. Maybe send an e-mail.
  10. Or we might talk on the phone.
  11. Doing like this we will sure put this corona virus away.

Essential Message #4

  1. This corona virus is sure making everybody sick lately.
  2. Before our lives were good, lately it has been rather bad.
  3. Nowadays you (sg) can surely look after yourself.
  4. You can stay good, you can keep your spirit ‘level’ (on an even keel?).
  5. You might read books.
  6. You might listen to music.
  7. You might write a story, about what you have been doing.
  8. Whenever I might be talking to God, I can talk to God more and more.
  9. Maybe I don’t know how to talk to God, so I will learn!
  10. I think it’s good to do likewise.

Essential Message #5

  1. Nowadays this corona virus is making everybody sick.
  2. We should think like this.
  3. We used to live a good way at home. Lately it has been bad.
  4. We should surely think a good way, we will think like this:
  5. It’s really true everything is rather bad now.
  6. We should live a good (way) like this, think like this.
  7. We should think in a good (way):
  8. We should make others happy, so that can be good during this bad time.
  9. We should make friends with others.
  10. I can be loving to others.
  11. That’s what I want to do.

Essential Message #6

  1. This corona virus is sure making everybody sick.
  2. We should think like this:
  3. It used to be good in our places, nowadays it is rather bad for us.
  4. We can’t live like we used to in our homes.
  5. We should think like this:
  6. Why am I on this earth?
  7. Why am I alive?
  8. What shall I do, to live well in this life?
  9. I realise I will die (sometime.) Before dying, I will do like this, a better (way). Before death.
  10. I will think I will talk to do like this.
  11. We should think, it will get better tomorrow (in the future).
  12. Nowadays things are bad.
  13. (We) should live in a better way, we should learn from now on.
  14. To live a better way, we think and see how we can live better. (in the future)
  15. That’s what I want to do.

Essential Message #7

  1. This corona virus is sure making everybody sick.
  2. We should think to do like this:
  3. Nowadays it’s rather bad, we will be better (off).
  4. Nowadays we should think we can’t live like we did of old.
  5. Nowadays we should follow a different path.
  6. We should think about that like this.
  7. We can’t live selfishly(?), we should gather together and live together, not yet.
  8. How can we live together as friends/family?
  9. Today it is bad, from now on we will be better (off).
  10. From now on we should follow another road/way, to stay well.
  11. That’s what I want.