Indigenous Ministry

In the Alice Springs Baptist Church, we are blessed to have people in our congregation from many backgrounds and cultures. Very important to the life of our church are the indigenous people who are a part of our congregation.

We praise God for the unity that Christ gives us no matter where we are from, and an important ministry of our church is to grow the unity, and functions of the body of Christ here.

Some of the ways that we seek to do that in our congregation is by having regular bush tucker outings, where the indigenous people in our church take a group of people from our church out bush for a day to gather bush tucker, and share food together. These are always wonderful opportunities to grow our relationships together and encourage one another as well as learn new things.

We acknowledge the Christian examples the Warlpiri people in our congregation are to their family and community, and seek to be an encouragement to them with the important witnessing opportunities they have.


Global Interaction - Bill and Pauline Morrison

Bill and Pauline Morrison work with Warlpiri people in Lajamanu, Kalkaringi, Yuendumu, Willowra and Ali Curung. In 2016 they will be continuing the circuit of these communities while they await the outworking of future plans. Alice Springs Baptist Church is considering ways in which we can help the churches and missionaries in Central Australia, especially in the Warlpiri area. Many of us hope that into the future there will be much development of support and fellowship between the churches in Warlpiri lands and the Baptist Church in Alice Springs to continue building on the past. A valuable part of our own congregation are Yapa (Aboriginal people) and we recognise that together in Jijaji (Jesus), Yapa and Kardiya (non-Aboriginal people) can be strong.

Pioneers - Scott Garwood

Scott Garwood is a member of the Alice Springs Baptist Church. At the end of the 2015 Alice Springs Baptist Church decided to support him financially as a missionary sent with Pioneers to the Warlpiri people. His work for God, under Pioneers, is supported and encouraged by his brothers and sisters at the Alice Springs Baptist Church. We are excited to be a part of, hear about and pray for the plans God has for Scott in His work to build His Kingdom.